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Dermal Fillers – an introduction

As we age we lose bone mass, muscle and tissue volume. We produce less of our own collagen and elastin, two of the main structural proteins in our skin that give it firmness, smoothness and suppleness. The skin thins, loses elasticity and tone. Our faces start to line, wrinkle and sag.Youthful facial contours become uneven with jowls, hollow temples, tear troughs and sunken cheeks appearing more pronounced… and we don’t like it!!

“Time marches on and sooner or later you realise it is marching across your face.” (Dolly Parton).


Dermal fillers (also known as facial/LIP fillers) are specifically designed to work at different levels (depths) in the skin to treat the signs of ageing. They soften lines, smooth out wrinkles and replace lost volume. Most dermal fillers consist of a sterile synthetic, biodegradable hyaluronic acid (HA) gel which is similar to the natural hyaluronic acid within the body which is why there is rarely an allergic reaction to any treatment.


The HA filler is injected under the line or wrinkle. The gel fills the lines and wrinkles and the hyaluronic acid within the gel matrix attracts and retains water within the skin tissue. This results in plump, less lined, hydrated and youthful looking skin. Fillers are frequently used to replace lost volume in the upper and mid face which also minimises lines and wrinkles in the lower face. Visible results are immediate and can last 6 – 18 months depending on the filler used and the chosen location.


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