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Fillers – what you should know

Better than a facelift? Why?

Well placed dermal fillers can give the face a true, 3 dimensional and naturally youthful appearance. Plastic surgery can make the face look flat, smaller and older in appearance. Many clients have returned to us very quickly post-surgery to have fillers to volumise their faces. It’s volume that gives a youthful appearance and volume loss that contributes to the visible ageing of the face. That’s not to say we recommend the ‘pillow look’ associated with over filled cheeks! But rather, we need to replace only what Mother Nature has simply worn away and this can only be done with strategically placed fillers or a fat transplant.

Of course there comes a time when surgery is the only option but with well placed fillers, this can be deferred for many, many years. Today, 20 years on since fillers really took off, there is a school of thought that believes a small amount of filler used from an early age (30+) to rectify the onset of volume loss in the face can possibly obviate the need for a face lift later in life.

Most fillers are bio-degradable so they have to be topped up regularly. Budgets are the defining factor for many clients. But as fillers can last 1 – 2 years, please divide this cost over 52-104 weeks as it can work out cheaper than a monthly mani/pedi with the added bonus that you’re maintaining your natural youthful appearance and delaying the onset of visible ageing!!!

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