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Thread Veins

Often referred to as thread veins, spider veins or medically as telangiectasia. These tiny, dilated blood vessels frequently develop on the face around the nose, cheeks and chin areas but also on the legs and ankles.

We use Veinwave® a revolutionary technology that was developed by vascular surgeons to treat these smaller veins which traditional methods such as sclerotherapy, IPL and laser cannot always improve.

How does it work?

By a process known as thermo-coagulation. Using high frequency microwaves, a tiny, insulated needle heats the vessels in the skin which creates a thermal lesion that destroys the vein. The thread vein disappears instantly.It does not damage the surrounding skin and doesn’t cause scarring, bruising or pigmentation issues. You can return to your daily life immediately and no bandages are required. A slight scabbing occurs at the site of the treated areas.

Which areas can be treated?

Almost any area on the face, neck, chest, legs and the more tricky areas such as the inner ankle. Veinwave® can also treat red spots (Campbell be Morgan), milia, skin tags and many benign lumps and bumps!!!


You will have a full consultation with our in-house Doctor to ensure Veinwave® is the correct treatment for you. The procedure can take around 30 minutes depending on the areas treated. There are no bandages but you may like to wear loose track suit bottoms if you are having your legs done as they can appear a little red for a few hours. You can resume your daily activities immediately.

Aftercare:Almost invisible,tiny micro-scabs form on the areas treated. These areas should only be bathed using tepid water and gently patted dry for 4 – 5 days.The micro-scabs will fall off in 3 – 7 days. Please don’t pick them off!!! Shaving of the face should be avoided for 3-4 days where possible.

PRICE: £250 per session.